About the images

Just about halfway up a horizontal line bisects each image. The resulting landscape is a spatial abstraction of how I see my life and represents my dual quest of creating order and fighting chaos.
It is human nature to search for similarities, patterns and rhythms, and that’s what I’m trying to achieve. Showing life in geometrical form is my attempt to organise life and make sense of it. Creating order is the essence of my work.
The interplay of geometric patterns is a metaphor for being human, for the human desire to conquer chaos and to regulate life. There is no such thing as a perfect life, and neither does the perfect shape exist. This is why my images show imperfect geometrical shapes, a semblance of balance, light that interrupts rhythm by casting shadows, parts of a whole that don’t quite join up. The shapes are trying to find where they belong within the whole and as such they show a human aspect.
By closing gaps, by creating openings, by trying to find their

place without knowing exactly where they fit.These attempts to create order are representative my pursuit of regularity, my attempt to come to terms with imperfection. For me, control and completion are an illusion.

About me

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been striving for the opposite of unrest and disquiet: I combat chaos by creating order. And welcoming empty space is the ultimate form of order.
To quote Etty Hillesum: ‘…..we strive to become a wide empty plain, without any weeds to interrupt the endless vistas’.
There is no life without weeds. Weeds that you want to control and nip in the bud, but that are full of thorns that scratch and prick. It is a journey of ‘being yourself vs fitting in, internal vs external, holding on vs letting go, lonely vs alone’.

A WAY is a visual representation of my quest.

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